Self-Confidence Sunday

Difficult day today, full of disappointment and self-doubt. I struggled with myself all weekend.  Thinking that I should go beyond limits that I knew were unreasonable. I know better.  I have had this body long enough to know it well.  I have had fibromyalgia since I was 20, that means I have had 47 years to learn its sneaky ways of getting to me.  How it affects my body physically during winter, how it misleads me into thinking that maybe I can do more, and then lets me down when I need it most.  I’ve learned how it affects my activities, my mind, and my mood.

What  I have to continually remind myself is that there is always a way to do something.  It may not be exactly what I originally wanted to do or exactly how I wanted to do it, but I can do something!  I can find a workaround to get a goal accomplished.  I can’t let disappointment in myself because I didn’t do something one way deter me in acting positively towards my goal.  If I did that I would not be able to continue to have the confidence to proceed to act on new and better achievements in my life.

To grow and thrive in this life we need to continually set goals in our life. They don’t always have to be those ultimate, mind-blowing goals you make at the New Year.  Even small goals every day keep your mind and soul stimulated.  Keep you true to yourself and in check.  Find ways to accomplish them, even if it isn’t exactly how you thought you would originally.  Action in life is better than none. It gives you self-confidence to know that you have acted, that you have achieved something today.


  1. Thanks for the tag! My mother has fibromyalgia too; spring is especially hard for her. But I think you hit the nail right on the head here: “It may not be exactly what I originally wanted to do or exactly how I wanted to do it, but I can do something!”

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    1. Thanks for the feedback, usually I don’t have problems with spring, but for some reason this year, other chronic illnesses are adding to my discomfort. But there really is no choice, but to march on. I’ll be damned if I let it stop me now. LOL

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      1. That’s what it is for her too, plus the terrible Texas pollen! I took a photo of the piles of it on sidewalks near my apartment, and it’s brutal for people with allergies. Hang in there–it won’t always be this hard, as you yourself can testify!

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