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Amateur photographer, free spirit and world traveler. Seeking the truth, the inspiration and love that I know that is in the world.

Tatania, Queen of the Fairies

The pandemic isolated us all, even my other dog, a very active Australian Shepherd needed more than just me to satisfy his social needs. The pandemic has also seen an increase in shelter animals. I truly believe if you can rescue a pet, that you should do that if possible. Don’t get me wrong, Breeders are great for the pure breed and my aussie, from a great breeder, is a wonderful boy. But I have rescued more dogs than I’ve purchased from breeders and have noticed a trait about these dogs I don’t see in the others. I swear they know they have been rescued and really appreciate their new homes and humans in their lives. I hate to say owners, because often they rescue us as much as we do them. This is Tatania, I call her Annie. Rescued from an abusive and neglectful environment this summer. She had a litter of puppies with her that got rescued too. I got her a month after her rescue. Look at that face, it tells you exactly how happy she is now. She still is a little skittish, but is absolutely the sweetest girl in the world.

Oberon and Tatania playing

She loves to play, she had never seen grass before, loves to watch the squirrels and chase her brother, Obie, my Aussie. In fact, has now lost the “Covid weight” he gained without the social activity he was used to. She loves to give hugs, yes, real hugs and kisses and in this time of no human contact for me, I ADORE each and every hug she gives me. She is a snuggler, which suits me just fine. These dark winter nights are going to be cold and lonely and now with two dogs in my bed, it looks like i will be toasty warm.

Moral of the story: Rescue the lonely and they will rescue you in return. Love is love no matter the species.

Pandemic Survival in Solitude

Are you staring out the window looking out at the world wondering if you’ll ever greet another person with a warm hug or kiss again? Well, you’re not alone.

I’m sure there are millions of us like my dog, Annie, here staring out that window wondering the same thing. Personally, as an introvert, I have discovered some pleasures, benefits and a silver lining to this solitude that even as an introvert I hadn’t known before. In this new blog, I hope to share with you what I’ve been doing and what I continue to do while we wait out this coronavirus.

There are a few things that I’ve kept in mind as I’ve confronted this pandemic, in fact, as I’ve confronted aging as well. Health is of foremost importance in our lives at our age and yes, I’m in my seventies. Once upon a time I was working out in a gym and saw this very energetic woman with a gorgeous figure with great flexibility working out on a mat. As I watched her in awe, I was only in my 20’s at the time, I envied her strength, endurance and figure. When she turned around, I was shocked to realize that this wasn’t a young woman, but a woman late in her life. Right then and there I made up my mind to grow old gracefully and as healthy as possible. My life took a few drastic turns, and I wound up with a few (five) chronic illness that packed on the pounds. Fortunately, in the last few years I have finally put the pieces of the puzzle of my health together and so far have lost 80 of those extra pounds and am almost at my goal weight and healthy BMI.

What you say does this have to do with the pandemic? It is health. I’ve worked too darn hard to get healthy to have this coronavirus get me now, I’m not going to jeopardize it. Yes, I will stay in my safety bubble, will wear my mask ,take my vitamins and observe safety protocols to have fun, travel and hug and kiss my loved ones another day.

Your health is the most important thing you have. I’ve heard it all my life and you have too. Today it can’t be taken for granted. A small sacrifice of time, effort and solitude will pay off in large dividends when this pandemic is over.

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