Netdancer’s Bucket List

tick_green Degree in Chemistry and Education
tick_green Work in Aerospace
tick_green Raise 2 happy, healthy, productive children
tick_green Make desired income, in career I love
tick_green Travel to Germany
tick_green Travel to Holland
tick_green Go to Disney World
tick_green Go to Disney Land
tick_green Travel to the Caribbean
tick_green Eat raw conch straight out of the ocean
tick_green Take a cruise (took 3)
tick_green  Swim with the dolphins
tick_green  Swim with manta rays
tick_green  Travel solo to Scotland
tick_green  Visit Culloden
tick_green  Visit Isle of Skye
tick_green  Visit the Royal Mile, Edinburgh
tick_green  Have genuine tea in Scotland, scones and strawberry jam
tick_green  Have real fish and chips in England
tick_green  Visit Roslyn Chapel, and visit sites from Dan Browns’s book and Diana Gabaldon’s Book, Outlander
tick_green  Visit the path of my Ancestors in Scotland
tick_green  See and touch the stones of  Stonehenge
tick_green  Travel to Rome, see the Coliseum
tick_green  Visit Florence, Italy, see the Medici architecture, the Duomo, and David
tick_green  Visit Rimini, Italy to see the beaches of Italy
tick_green  Visit Venice, Italy
tick_green  Eat Italian Gelato in Italy
tick_green  Indoor Skydive
tick_green  Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Rockies
tick_green  Travel to Paris, see all the sites from Dan Brown’s Book
tick_green  See the Louvre
tick_green  See the Palace of Versailles
tick_green  Go to the Arch de Triomph
tick_green Visit the Pantheon
tick_green  See the Eiffel Tower and see it at night
tick_green  Conquer the Paris trains
tick_green  Meet my penpal from France, Alain.  He’s been my penpal since I was 9 years old
tick_green  Explore Caves: Cave of the Winds, Colorado
tick_green  Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico
tick_green  Mammoth Caves, Kentucky
tick_green   Luray Caverns, Virginia
tick_green  Travel to Athens,  Greece
 Travel to Barcelona, Spain
 Travel to Egypt
 Go Zip lining, preferably in Costa Rica
 See the Anasazi Cliff Dwellings
 Go to Sedona, Arizona for Hot Air Balloon Event
Succeed as travel photographer and writer
Retire successfully at age 70, in 2 years
Find love and soulmate to share life with


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