Daily Prompts-Elegance

Daily Prompts-Elegance © 2017 CLStauber


Critter Photography

Baby Araucana My daughter has some new chickens and this is one that lays a special color of egg This breed is most famous for laying blue-shelled eggs.  I’m one lucky MaMa.  I get the benefits of my kid’s work. © 2017 CLStauber

December Skies – Dec 7

Does the sky determine your mood or is it the season? For me, it’s the beginning of this grey, cold, and dreary season.  I always look forward to the sunny days, bright and colorful sunrises and sunsets Colorado has to offer. Fortunately, these grey and dreary days are few and far between here in my…

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Message

Mountain Lion © 2017 CLStauber Seeing this mountain lion up close interaction with her owner/trainer gives us all a message in how behavior determines social interaction and socialization in the world.  She was a rescued mountain lion and her affection to her trainer was obvious.   It is amazing to see the power of love and respect.