Oberon’s Antics -9.26.2016

Oh no, she’s got me in this black machine again! Where are we going now? The vet???

Nooo! Just a ride and she went to the pet store and bought me new toys. I haven’t even gotten carsick this time.

This convertible is kinda cool. Love the wind in my hair 😆

52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 8-Pink!

This is my crabapple tree and an example of Colorado spring weather. Very heavy snow this day, in fact lost a significant portion of this beautiful tree due to the weight and amount. But it did make a pretty picture.

52 week photo challenge : week 8-pink


Along side of an empty country road in Skye, this brightly colored red telephone booth stands at the ready to assist the wander along her way.

52 weeks challenge:red

Mundane Monday

Sad little camera.

Sitting on the shelf on this Mundane Monday

Just waiting for her battery to be recharged

And Friday afternoon when her owner picks her up once more 

No work to interfere with the adventures that await our lens. 

But until then its still a mundane Monday here on the shelf

Sad little camera 

Sad owner too.

Silent Sunday – Shadows and Light


Today’s view for Silent Sunday – Shadows and Light. I sat in the silence and shadows of St. Giles cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland viewing the tomb of my ancestor, knowing he had been beheaded just outside the cathedral for religious beliefs, yet there he was in the same cathedral that had seen him put to death. Later they created a stained glass window depicting his capture by the masses and the torment of the day.  It was a moment of awareness of the realities of history and  knowing  what happened to my 10th great grandfather and how my family has come through so many obstacles through the ages to bring me back to this place.


via Daily Prompt: Pretend

I feel this is how I live my life everyday. I pretend to be normal to the outside world. They do not see my insecurities, they do not see my depression, they do not see my tears of loneliness.   They do not see the daily pain of the invisible illnesses of fibromyalgia , celiac, chronic migraine headaches and the photosensitive that prevents me from being in fluorescent lights. They do not see the uncomfortable feeling of claustrophobia I have when in crowds.

They see me pretend that I am like them, I am capable of mixing with the ordinary person doing their job. I do mine well. I am good at knowing my limits and when to say the right things, to leave when I need to, to hide when needed. I  have to, I am a survivor .  I am good at my job, I am good at pretending.