Horse in the Hillside

Between Stonehenge and Avebury keep an eye out for this horse in the hillside.  I hear there are crop circles in the countryside at times too. 🙂 © 2017 Netdancer Photography Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

Bird Song

Sunday Trees – 288 While strolling through the local green space close to my home taking note of the sounds of nature and of the local wildlife that manage to surprise me now and then and trying out my new camera here at home, I heard this little bird calling out for a mate. Find him…

Color Your World – Gray

Color Your World – Gray Well, I am adding to color my world gray.  It’s a gray, gray day today with at least 7 inches of snow in my back yard.  Yes, you read it right.  Here it is almost May and I have snow.  That’s what a Colorado spring brings – surprises, but Oberon…

Mundane Monday

Mundane Monday Cats have the life in Athens.  If you ever visit this beautiful city, you will notice how many cats there are and how freely they roam the streets and the ruins.   They are truly a mundane sight to the people of Athens and an appropriate subject for today’s challenge. © 2017 Netdancer Photography

Oberon’s Adventures

Oberon has his passport for travel out and we’ve been doing some exploring this weekend for some new places for him to stay while Mom goes on her upcoming trip.  This is the first time I’m trying out the app “Dog Vacay”  and so far I have lined up three “meet and greet” sessions.  Today…