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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

CFFC:  Week 5 Photo – music, guitar, instrument, men, coffee, etc. While in an outdoor cafe in Athens enjoying my coffee, people watching and listening to all the wonderful street musicians in abundance, you can’t help but smile and feel at home.  I love it there. © 2018 CLStauber


GESTURE ~ PIC AND A WORD CHALLENGE #148 If you ever get the chance to visit Athens, Greece not only will you be watching the people of the country, they are watching you.  But never fear, they are the friendliest people.  Strangers waving at me while I’m taking photos, photo bombers jumping in my shots ( I didn’t mind, he…


The Black Cat Superstition I have visited many countries in my travels and in every country, but one, I have encountered some sort of misfortune.  Athens, Greece however, turned out to be an easy and carefree trip.  One day though, I thought a black cat had crossed my path.  OH NO!   Until he finally faced me.  Whew! Close call!…