Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Greek Eggs CFFC:  Letter G – Needs to have the letter G When traveling solo and staying in apartments where you can cook your own food and enjoy the local farm fresh eggs, it’s always a joy to go shopping in the open air markets to find such variety. © 2017 CLStauber

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Signs

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Signs When I travel I often take pictures of the signs next to some of the interesting things I find on my adventures.  I know I won’t remember what I read and writing all this down just isn’t convenient at the time.   It’s good to look back at where I’ve been and…

Beneath the Layers of Time

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers When walking the streets of Athens, be sure to look down or you might just miss history.  Even the sidewalks give you peeks of what went on ages before, suddenly you will find yourself walking on glass over an archeological dig and a beautiful mosaic.   Think of all…

Travel theme: Flavour

Travel theme: Flavour Flavor is more than just taste when you’re traveling, you get a taste of the country itself and the environment, the people and the surroundings in which you find yourself.  I found the prettiest little restaurant while I was in Greece and as I have said many times since I’ve returned home,…

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Old

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Old When walking in Athens, OLD is everywhere.  But when you find an archeological dig right in the middle of a sidewalk I find it amazing.  Here is only one of the many archeological sites that are found throughout Athens. #fpj-photo-challenge


Evanescent Athens provided a memory for me that I will not soon forget – the music of these bells ringing at midnight on Easter to celebrate “He has Risen” .  Not just ringing bells, but the bell ringer actually rang in music with just these two bells.  I was fascinated by the sound and found…


Temptation My hostess in Athens was gracious enough to leave me these delicious looking cookies for me.  I really appreciated the gesture.  Too bad I am gluten intolerant.  They were very tempting. Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge