Share Your World

Share Your World – October 16, 2017 If you had to move to a country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why?  Actually, this is exactly what I am trying to decide right now. I’ve traveled to quite a few countries now.  I love Scotland, but not the rain or…

Color Your World – Gray

Color Your World – Gray Well, I am adding to color my world gray.  It’s a gray, gray day today with at least 7 inches of snow in my back yard.  Yes, you read it right.  Here it is almost May and I have snow.  That’s what a Colorado spring brings – surprises, but Oberon…

Oberon’s Adventures

Oberon has his passport for travel out and we’ve been doing some exploring this weekend for some new places for him to stay while Mom goes on her upcoming trip.  This is the first time I’m trying out the app “Dog Vacay”  and so far I have lined up three “meet and greet” sessions.  Today…

Oberon’s Antics

Oberon’s Antics My puppy is growing and just as busy as ever.  There’s no way I can get a still shot of him these days unless I sneak up on him or am very quick! No longer is he this sleeping little puppy. © 2017 Candace L Stauber Photography


Oberon’s Antics Thank goodness – he’s asleep and calm for a change! This is a RARE occurrence.  He’s finally calming down – a little.   Let sleeping dogs lie and get blogging done.

Photo Challenge- Relax

Shhh! Aussie Sleeping My last Australian Shepherd, Hunter, was the epitome of RELAXATION!  In fact, he was a sleep-number 35 on the other side of my bed.  I can’t say the same about the new puppy, Oberon, he is just the opposite.  Never stopping energy ball.  I think he’s A.D.D. © 2016 Candace L Stauber…

Flower of the Day: 20.11.2016 Poinsettia

Joining in the Poinsettia displays I found this bright and cheery yellow.  I don’t even try to keep these in my house.  Besides killing most plants in my house and having a very destructive puppy, Oberon.  I just admire them from afar. Flower of the Day: 20.11.2016 Poinsettia

Oberon’s Antics – Superhero

Faster than a locomotive, faster than a speeding bullet, hard to get a photo of, jumping in mid air for no apparent reason.  The mighty super Oberon, always on the lookout to be able to rescue — Anything! especially Pupperonies from the hands of evildoers. © 2016 Candace L Stauber Photography

Oberon’s Antics | Computer Wiz- 9.29.2016

Okay, let’s see what has Mom so interested in this thing. Oh, here’s some other dogs on the computer, maybe I should start a blog too, they have their pictures there. Really, Oberon! I have to work.  Go play! Sleep, do something!  ahh finally.  oh no… he’s whining for my attention again or does he…