Daily Prompt: Passport

Daily Prompt: Passport Packing for Athens! Need I say more? You think I’m excited?  You bet!, so if you don’t see much activity on my blog for the next couple of days, it’s because I’ll be busy or in transit.  I’ll try to post as I try to partake in everything Athens has to offer,…

She Persists

She Persists I seldom repeat my photographs, but for this challenge, I had to use my favorite shadow photo that I’ve taken all year – yes, I know the year is young. 🙂 Women’s Day Marchers heading towards the Denver State Capitol early in the morning. PHOTO CHALLENGE–Shadow © 2017 Candace L Stauber Photography

Daily Prompt: Recognize

Recognize this word?  Taxes?  Hey,  where are yours, DT?  If you don’t have to pay them, do we? Yes, I’m getting all my information together to dutifully pay my taxes.  I usually get them done before February 1st, but for some reason, some institutions haven’t sent me the paperwork yet or released the info online.…

Discover Challenge – Transcript

Discover Challenge – Transcript Fortunately,  I have on hand many transcripts from my ancestors. Some date back to the beginning of the founding of the United States when the Moravians came to settle the first colonies in the Virginia region.   But the transcript I chose for this challenge today is a recipe from my great-grandmother.…

Arggg Ye Maties!

Early one balmy morning in the Caribbean I spied this schooner floating on the sea, it reminded me of a pirate ship, my mind went wild with stories that it could tell, but also I wished I was on that ship to experience the sea myself. © 2017 Candace  L Stauber Photography

Daily Prompt-Year

New Year’s Day- 2017 I think this picture represents best what impacted my year the most.  Although I make my living on a computer being a software developer and SharePoint administrator, deciding to take the step to blog and publish my photography online was the most significant thing I’ve done this year.  It is a step…


Oberon’s Antics Thank goodness – he’s asleep and calm for a change! This is a RARE occurrence.  He’s finally calming down – a little.   Let sleeping dogs lie and get blogging done.