Color your World – Red

Color your World – Red  © 2017 Netdancer Photography


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Mystery

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Mystery Athens, land of myth and mystery.  Although archeologists and historians have written much about this country, just walking in the footsteps of those who lived here centuries before instills an awe and contemplative nature within me.  Wondering about their everyday life and what was going on in those minds to accomplish…

Travel theme: Cook

  Travel theme: Cook When I travel one of my challenges is finding good gluten-free food.  To do this I often find myself talking to the chefs and the wait staff and even though they sometimes don’t understand my English, I finally get what  I need.  Seldom have I been gluten-ed and often have I…

Mundane Monday

Mundane Monday Cats have the life in Athens.  If you ever visit this beautiful city, you will notice how many cats there are and how freely they roam the streets and the ruins.   They are truly a mundane sight to the people of Athens and an appropriate subject for today’s challenge. © 2017 Netdancer Photography


Thursday’s Special: Waiting As I sat having an iced coffee and resting after a long walk to Stygmata Square, I noticed these people leaning on some very convenient leaning devices waiting for the bus.  I have never seen these before in any of the countries I’ve visited.  They are a great idea! © 2017 Netdancer Photography…