Tuesday Photo Challenge – Ring

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Ring

When I travel I love to collect a specific type of souvenir –  jewelry.  I also like to collect stones and crystals.  This year in Cabo was no different.  I found a stone that I did not have in my jewelry box and have always wanted.  A morganite stone – a peachy pink stone that happens to also be dichroic.  So, if you look at my ring in one light it is the pretty pink and in another a sunny yellow.

“Morganite is known both as an Angel Stone and a Heart Stone. It may bring love to one’s life or rekindle an old love. As an Angel Stone, it is known to help one with communication with angels. Morganite also bring one’s compassion, empathy, self-control, and patience.  It is also said to balance one’s emotions, as well as ease the pain of separation.

Morganite is specifically said to act as an aphrodisiac, attracting and maintaining love.  It encourages loving thoughts, actions and creating a space where one can enjoy life to it’s fullest, and loving it.  It is said to calm a stressed life and be beneficial to the nervous system.

Morganite is an activator, stimulator, and cleanser for the 4th, Heart Chakra. Helping to bring love to one’s life and assists in maintaining that love, as it continues to grow.  It is also said to help one realize the equality in all relationships, between friends, the sexes, as well as between races.”*

*Morganite Gemstone Properties

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