Thought for the Day


Today as I was walking through the hills of the Muses in Athens, an old man stopped me and started speaking to me in Greek, of course I didn’t understand and looked a little confused, but smiled at him anyway.  I indicated I only knew English and he spoke.

“I see you have your camera, I want you to see something, come here.  I am 90 years old and I want you to see something.”  He pointed to the ground and pointed out the three little flowers surviving through the stones and counted them out for me.

“With everything you see here, remember the small things, they are important too.”

We continued a brief conversation and he was surprised at my age, which made me feel good, especially since this vacation I have begun to feel my age and it’s limitations. This meeting today was sweet and memorable. Probably one I will cherish from this vacation for years to come.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

© 2017 Netdancer Photography – Candace L Stauber


  1. Indeed. It is definitely little things in life that matter. These flowers are examples. But in life we sometimes overlook the small things we say and do. And they do matter, because it will impact our loved ones.
    We recall a conversation in the movie Men in Black: “Just because something’s important, doesn’t mean it’s not very, very small.”

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