Traveling under the new electronics ban

Today, I start a new adventure, my trip to Greece, via Turkey. Turkey just so happens to be one of the countries restricting electronics in carried on luggage. All cameras and computers are required to be in checked in baggage. Needless to say, this gives me a little anxiety.  I put a high value on both items not only because of the cost incurred, but the immense pleasure and satisfaction both add to my life.

I thought I had everything covered. TSA locks, padding, purchase insurance when I check my bags. Guess what? That’s not how it works! To insure your camera, it must be in the ORIGINAL box you purchased it in and have the original receipt, before you pack it in your suitcase to be able to purchase insurance on your equipment. It would have NEVER fit in my luggage in its original box!

I immediately called my insurance agent and asked if it was covered under my homeowners personal property. It is, whew! At least now, I can have some peace of mind.

Another thing I learned today. My passport expires in September, 6 months. However, they are really cautious about these dates for international travel. NEVER, NEVER let your passport get close to 3 months of expiration to travel or you can’t travel.

Also, fortunately, I only have a 3 hour layover in Turkey, not a 24 layover or I would have needed a Visa. Another, WHEW!

And I haven’t even boarded my flight yet.

One good thing, the Lyft ground transportation to the airport was AWESOME. I highly recommend this service and I can pay with PayPal. They operate 24/7.


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