Fragrant Memories

My perfume collection.  Among these unique perfume bottles, there are a few that I treasure, even though they may be empty or close to it.  The round bottle was my mother’s perfume.  I remember watching her apply this perfume before she and my dad would go out.  My mother was much more girly than me, even a diva at times.

The smallest bottle on my tray is from one of the first boys who ever kissed me.  He was a sailor during the Vietnam war and the perfume is very expensive.  In fact, the only place you can buy it is in Paris and this year I bought myself another bottle.  I love this fragrance.


A Photo a Weekly Challenge: Glass


      1. My Paris perfume is by Caron, its called Belladogia. I also like a perfume I can only get in Las Vegas, called Titanic, I got it at the Titanic exhibit. It was created because they found a perfumers box when they excavated the ruins of the Titanic and used the fragrances from that box to create this perfume. I think it might be my second favorite. I use both very sparingly.

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      2. Thanks a lot you really seems to have great knowledge about perfumes….and thanks a lot for sharing……..and i would like to know your other hobbies…..nice meet you….keep smiling…..😊😊😊😊

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