Self-confidence Sunday


At the end of the day, I take stock of my life and re-evaluate the choices I’ve made and think about the choices I plan to make tomorrow. These choices are the building blocks of my self-confidence.  They determine how happy I am with my life, how proud of myself of my accomplishments, how much at peace I have become with living the path I have chosen for myself.

I believe that to achieve any self-confidence you need to boldly accept responsibility for your actions and decisions. To recognize your mistakes and learn from them. You need to learn from the past but not live there.  Yesterday is over, the future is yet to be. Be true to yourself. You are responsible to only you, for if you are not happy with yourself, you will never be happy with anyone else.

me_20161211As I age, I do take those “selfies” that have become so popular, not out of vanity, but to remind myself of how well I’m doing. I see myself as I believe others see me in those photos.  I see myself age, I see the fine lines and wrinkles begin, but I see where they are- they are around my eyes where I smile, they are around my mouth where I smile.  I don’t believe those are so bad. They are a sign of a good life. I have earned them well.  For almost 68 years old, I feel I’m aging exactly as I should and I’m confident that staying with this attitude that I will continue to age gracefully as I once said I wanted to.

Self-confidence Sunday

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