365 Project Photo a Day – Catch Up

Having fibromyalgia did a number on me these last 5 days, I knew I was fatigued, just didn’t have the energy to even blog.  I still tried to take at least one photo a day, even if it was a really bad photo.  But just didn’t couldn’t get to the computer or stay awake long enough to post anything.  Then I felt worse this weekend and realized the reason why things didn’t get done.  It was a sneaky fibro flare.  So today I’m posting to catch up my photo a day.  Still fatigued and not feeling spiffy, but I have to go forward.

42107202954_8126cc3a3a_o (1)

14th- Today’s Succulent Garden


15th- Today’s Garden


16th- Feeling Crappy? Eat Gluten-Free Cake


17th- Oberon’s Gift


18th- P is for PIano

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