3D Street Art

365 Project A Photo a Day – Denver Street Art – Chalk Festival

I woke this morning thinking to go to the Botanic Gardens but took one look at the rain clouds in the distance and thought of the beautiful chalk artwork I saw in progress yesterday and decided that it would be good to see how much they progressed since I left yesterday and how many were completed.  I was not disappointed.  I saw the 3D graphics that were not there yesterday.  This little guy was one of my favorites, he reminds me of my dog, Oberon, my little monster dog.



Although, this is my photo of the day choice, here are some of the other 3D pieces that you have to see.


and the 3D butterflies on this one.


3D wasn’t the only trick on the eyes today, this portrait was very elongated, however, if you stood in a certain place and took the photo the perspective corrected itself.00-chalkart-portrait-perspective-DSC05534_A900


©2018 CLStauber



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