Doubtful times and depression during Vacation

This year I thought I would try a shorter flight and closer more relaxed vacation to avoid the problems that fibromyalgia presented me with last year. A long flight to Athens (over 19 hours) had me bed ridden for over a day.

I overcame that and persevered to continue to see the sights of that beautiful city and was bed-ridden for 4 days.

I wanted to avoid that pain this year. I did not. I believe the disease has progressed, the short 5 hour flight caused so much fibro pain that I was down my first two days. Finally. on my 3rd day things looked brighter and the pain had subsided enough for me to shop (of course) and go on a sunset cruise of this beautiful place.

I have always had a sign in my bedroom about desiring the sand between my toes and seashells in my pockets with the calming sounds of the surf in my ears. I have the seashells in my pocket and the wonderful sound of the surf, but I discovered on this trip that the sand between my toes actually hurts now. This fact and the fact my legs just begged to stop and sit, but knowing I couldn’t or I would never get back up again was depressing, discouraging and upsetting. To acknowledge my limitations and know that they are becoming more numerous is difficult for someone like me who has always lived alone and independently. This was not in my plans.

Now I can only say that I have overcome other issues and disappointments, this will be just one more and I will succeed. I will find my workaround somehow, this is just one more test, and don’t they say it just makes you stronger? But, sometimes I get tired of being strong and battling all the time. I wonder how many more times I can go see this wondrous world. I hope I figure this out,I love to travel, I love meeting the people of each new city and I love being able to photograph these new sights.

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