Mundane Monday Challenge #141: Learn Photography

Can Christmas Monday be mundane?  Yes, unfortunately, it can be when you are alone, with no family around and friends are off celebrating with their own families.  Christmas is a time to be with family and friends, but there are many of us out here without some of the blessings that others have in that department.  We make the best of it, we appreciate the silence and quiet time that this allows us to contemplate the past year and think and plan for the new year coming.

We can see what goals we have met this year and dream about the path ahead. What have we learned and what do we want to discover next year?  To tell the truth, I am not a fan of Christmas, but it does bring the promise of new possibilities and this is the time of year I use to plan the future.


 © 2017 CLStauber

My mundane choice of subjects today are the cashews I keep on hand during the winter months.  It has been noted in several articles I’ve read that cashews are a natural anti-depressant and it only takes a few handfuls a day to help.

…cashews contain niacin and tryptophan, and, according to some, two handfuls of cashews contain a “therapeutic amount” of tryptophan, enough to alter and elevate your mood. The real measurement, apparently, is three and a half ounces of cashews, about one-half cup, which provides approximately 470 mg of tryptophan.

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