The Gift of Gratitude: Creativity

The Gift of Gratitude: Creativity

For the gift of creativity, I am grateful to my mother. When I was a child we were constantly doing art projects at home. Mom was an art teacher and I really didn’t think I had an artistic bone in my body compared to her.  When I became a web designer, I couldn’t rely on anyone else to create the graphics needed for my websites, so taught myself photoshop and illustrator.  During those early days, I got encouraged by many other artists and entrepreneurs and discovered there was a little bit of creativity in me.

I made a drastic career change from the sciences into the creative field of web design, but during my spare time, I  also started turning old furniture into fun pieces of eclectic art.  I also like to paint murals on walls, I have the Starship Enterprise down in the basement, rose vines in the bathroom and in my guest bedroom I have a tree  – a family tree, after all,  I am the family historian. 🙂familytree-25341502648oldfurniture-24345399747


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