Tuesday Photo Challenge – Season

00-christmastree-20171210_175516AThe shopping season, the winter season, the holiday season.  How do you handle this time of year?  How do you do your shopping?  Do you love the hustle and bustle of the shopping malls and all the decorations or do you prefer the quiet, solitude of online shopping?  Do you have social activities during this time of year keeping you in touch with all your friends and family? Is it a time you get together with friends and family you haven’t seen in awhile or are you missing those that are gone or not around?

For some this time of year is exciting and full of promise, love, and family, for others, it is only to be endured. During this time, consider your friends who have difficulties during this season, don’t forget them, and understand when they don’t have decorations, trees or want to join in.  Just be kind and gentle, please.




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