Nurt Thurs – Your Project

Nurt Thurs – Your Project


A reminder to each of us — keep working on your self-LOVE!
You are a blessing to many and the only one of YOU!

Today I thought I would take up Becca Given’s Nurturing Thursday challenge.  I have always felt that you should always work on self-love, this is not egotistical or selfish, as some might think or feel guilty about.  Yes, we do feel guilty about this, admit it. But also admit if we don’t take care of ourselves, we cannot take care of others.  Often times, if we don’t take care of us or depend on ourselves there is no one else that will.   We need to love ourselves, respect ourselves and nurture ourselves so we can be better to ourselves and the world.

As a single mother, I remember all the children that visited my home and asking me questions about life.  I always “preached” this philosophy to them because they asked.  My own girls never spoke to me directly but they overheard me and I am proud to say that I think it must have taken hold of them because now they have grown into very happy, independent, productive women.

I can only hope now, that I can continue to be the example and teach my grandchildren, especially my granddaughter to learn to nurture herself, be proud of herself, and know that she can achieve anything she tries.

I believe the more that we can not only love ourselves and nurture ourselves, that the future will be more peaceful and happier for our children and our world.




  1. Thanks for joining in with Nurturing Thursday this week! And yes, when we take time for self-nurturing we are happier and not as inclined to resent others for whatever they haven’t done, so the world around us becomes more peaceful.

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  2. I am so glad I found your blog rather randomly today! 🙂 I love your photographs, and your writings. You are not alone in your fighting against chronic illnesses – at least not out here in the blogosphere. You have friends who understand the struggle. ❤

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