This Week’s Challenges: September 17 – 23 (OWPC, & WW)

Athens 2017

I love when my journeys and adventures begin this way!

© 2017 CLStauber



  1. I need any/ ALL help getting past my block on my first blog about my journey that is going faster in the past 3 days than i5 can keep up with…trying to find the most relevant information and it is ALL relevant!
    I know… “Of course it is to”… ME!
    But seriously, I am working on the Story of My Life…literally; It is like a runaway train!
    One year ago, I felt in my heart, and Spirit, that I would in a year, meet the artist whose songs just kept”popping up” in my Playlists on Google play music, and one day I “heard” for the first time, one of his top songs and looked at the Artist’s name and realized that months before the “Unexpected” happened!
    I had written a major portion of a “Autobio/Novel” as I called it…printed out on a “new”…lol…Dot matrix printer!
    It and the”floppy” was lostgoodness in our house fire on Thanksgiving evening, while out for leftover lunch at my Sister’s; if home, my Dad would have been sound asleep, and lost too, when it started above his head, in the ceiling fan.
    Anyhoo, as we say in south Florida, about getting started…
    I met Jason, the Artist of the song through which the “mandate” to write the
    script, telling of the Lifestyle, Addictions, Depression, Panic disorder, dysfunctional family , with a Narcissistic Abusive mother, that I was not privy to; I was just naive as to the fact that her passive-aggresive personality I witnessed growing up, geared towards the ‘scapegoat’, that being my Father, later had another name; narcissistic personality disorder, and that destroyed everything I held dear in my heart and soul, because by the time I “ran across” the definition of the word, and incurable disorder in that it so… I’m sorry. I got carried away with the subject and stressors……
    Help! Lol
    Happy Independence day!?🇺🇸🌟👀🇺🇸💫🌟

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  2. What I had left out before,nnn&the 11n? began, was the fact that not only was it put on my HEART the fact that I would be meeting with77í8in is the Artist of the songs that had inspired the screenplay for my story, along with 4 to 5 other stories of others, people and families that have gone through their own private Hell, and came through it with the miraculous healing process, of a spiritual experience and journey, that brought them, not only “through” to the other side of the mountain, that had previously been a laborious climb to the top of that mountain, suddenly found the treacherous storms they found themselves in, as I had also been experiencing, as I was slowly, and with many a doubt and fear, as I was reaching the summit of my personal mountains, as to what battles lay before me in the stretch of personal 33I was sure to Dacca


  3. It keeps sending as I am correcting the mistakes

    I give up…for now; never to write again without sleep for two days, and without my glasses I broke, and couldn’t wait until after the holidays, to get another pair, and while fighting sleep after taking a sleeping pill I was just prescribed yesterday.
    All these post started as a comment that I didn’t realize would become a post for all to see.
    Some first impression I’ve made with a simple comment about help with my first endeavor as a screenwriter of my well written journals, stories, etc.
    I’ll sleep now, hoping I can repair the damage later.
    Happy “Independence” day everyone!

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