Trump Protest-Inaugural Day 2017

I have to admit, this political crisis our Democracy is facing has really gotten me concerned and my spirit is worried (and I try not to worry or fret much, it’s not good for my health). But this week’s Daily Post set of words have hit home – Savage, Caper, Grit and Bury.

This administration is Savagely destroying our Democracy with their lies, deceptions, and destruction of good ideologies of our past.  The lack of morals, the racism, the ignorance, the bigotry and the heavy handedness of a mobster mentality is making this whole episode seem unreal.  But it’s not, it’s happening to us.  This Caper cannot be dealt with lightly or ignored, it must be seen for what it really is, a scam, a con and unfortunately many are being betrayed and hurt by the actions of these gangsters who’ve taken over our White House.

We, as Americans, must maintain our Grit, to overcome this bullying behavior, hatefulness, and threat to our freedom and democracy or it will Bury us and our American way of life.

Daily Prompts



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