Share Your World – June 26, 2017

Share Your World – June 26, 2017


What goal are you working on now? Your goal can be something fun or extremely serious.  Have fun with this question.

00photographerMy goal that I’m working on right now is to improve my photography enough to be able to sell.  I see improvement every day, so maybe someday!

What is one thing you’re glad you tried but would never do again? 

I tried raw squid, will never do it again!  YUCK! not my taste.

Did you choose your profession or did it choose you?

Mmmmm.  I’ll stick with my current profession.  I chose it, long before anyone knew what the internet was or the value of the internet.  I am very glad I had the “foresight” to choose this industry.  I have really enjoyed and benefited from the change of careers.

Have you ever gotten lost?

OH MY YES!  In every country, except Greece.  I count on my telephone app, MAP MY WALK, to find my way back all the time!





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