Daily Prompt – None

Daily Prompt – None


Is there life in this photo?  No, there is NONE.

I love my house and the day I first saw my house, just coming up these steps I felt at home on this porch. It is a comfortable, calm, sanctuary for me to come after work and travel.  I purchased this larger home with the hope to be able to accommodate the visits of my friends, children, and grandchildren.  I had hoped to have it full of life and fun.  However, life has proven to take its twists and turns and as this picture shows you there are no people sitting in those chairs enjoying the weather, enjoying conversation, enjoying the company of each other.  There is no one.   The time has come to rethink my living conditions, my home, my expectations.  I am in transition.  Stay tuned.


  1. I know how you must feel. I swear I am married to a gypsy as we used to move every three years or so and at the present time we just passed 10 years of being in the same house. While our house is comfortable, it does not have the things we should have looked for when we were house hunting – things like a view be it a lake, mountains, a forest reserve or something similar. Instead we are in the middle of a manufactured home park with homes on either side of us and across the street from us and behind us. Needless to say, we are getting itchy feet and in addition to the aforementioned scenarios, also our next home will be handicapped accessible. No, neither of us are handicapped but at age 76 and 78 – soon to be 77 and 79, this time we plan on looking ahead. So, even at our ages we still look forward to the future and plan ahead – after all – isn’t it our dreams that keep us young? Stay tuned!

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    1. I think at every stage of life we need to reevaluate our needs and desires and reinvent ourselves to better our life circumstances and quality of life. Otherwise we become stagnant. I am constantly in flux, I think. Stay tined.😊

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