Keeping up with the blogging challenges while traveling

Keeping up with the blogging challenges while traveling

I’m still a relative new-comer to this blogging world, however, I am somewhat methodical in how I approach new learning experiences.  I like to be orderly and know what I’m doing day to day. When I first decided to start blogging I read many articles about blog organization.  Some people keep calendars, some excel spreadsheets.  I’m a big OneNote fan, so also tried that.  I still use it to keep some notes, but have discovered it is not my go to place since I have started traveling again.  I didn’t care too much for the calendar idea as it had me re-entering the tasks too many times and seemed too repetitive. For most of this year I have been using an excel spreadsheet and did find it quite helpful to keep my daily challenges and URLs to those challenges handy and easily accessible.  However, right before this trip to Athens, I decided to give Trello a try.

I had been test driving several project and task management software apps for work and have played with the Kanban cards for organizing tasks.  I like them and found that I could easily see what tasks I needed to accomplish day to day.  Trello is basically the same concept, with a few enhancements.  You can make it more visually appealing and for those of us who are blogging our travels and photography, it made the app more fun to use.  Another bonus for those of us who are just starting and trying things out to get into this groove of blogging – its free at


I’m still working on organization, but without it, I flounder.  I realized on this trip, that although I had saved my excel file, I had saved it locally to my hard drive. Traveling, I also realized  that I really did not want to expose my data to theft and wanted everything kept on a secure cloud storage and I had forgotten to save my schedule to the cloud.  However, Trello is online, I just log in and there I am, ready to go.  I find the interface is fairly user friendly, but then I am a web developer and have been doing this a while, so you may need to poke around a bit longer.  I still may find where I need to change things up or reorder, but it also came in handy while preparing for this trip. I made several Trello boards- one for pre-trip preparations, one for packing and one for dog sitter instructions.

trip2017-04-12 (1)

After you create your boards and set your tasks, you can create checklists within your tasks to keep you on target.  One of the other reasons I like keeping checklists is, if you are familiar with chronic illnesses, we have a little problem with our memories at times.  I need my checklists when it comes to important tasks and events.  I get too anxious otherwise.

checklist2017-04-12 (2)

I am enjoying using this app and it really has helped me stay current in blogging away from home. Oh, by the way,  Trello is not paying me for this endorsement, I just like to pass on some tips that I find handy. (One of these day though, maybe I will get paid. 🙂 )

I hope this helps you as much as it has me.  Have fun trying it out.






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