Fibromyalgia and a Rebellious Spirit

Fibromyalgia and a Rebellious Spirit

I have arrived at my dream vacation.  I’ve been planning this all year, since Paris. Health wise, I’ve done really good, I thought through the winter months, no depression, no fibro flares, no real problems, until my birthday when I needed to go to the Emergency Room for a diverticulitis flare up that seemed to just suck the energy right out of me for the last month.  I thought I had been handling the stress of the political situation fine, not letting it affect my health.  As anyone with chronic fibromyalgia and migraines knows, stress is not our friend.  Now I’m here.  I thought I was ready for it,  I really needed the break from all the turmoil of politics at home and what happens?  My fibro decides to flare in my legs, making them weak as cooked spaghetti with all the wonderful accompanying pain to boot.  I’m upset, needless to say, but I am not pushing myself. I went out the first day to explore my surroundings.  Only walked a mile, but boy, did I pay for it that night.  Yesterday I could not get out of bed, stayed in all day. Slept all day, probably making up for some of that jet lag too (which probably stressed my body more than it needed).

Finally yesterday evening I felt good enough to walk a little and since my spirit nagged me all day about being so lazy for staying  in bed on a beautiful day and the logical side of me told me if I didn’t stay down I would be in more pain, I finally gave in to the spirit, and gave in a little to go up on the rooftop of my apartment and take that wonderful shot of the Acropolis.  Now I am only hoping because I am trying to pay attention to the logical side of me, that I will be able to visit that landmark in person this week.

Oh, I did try to make it out today to see just how far I could walk without major problems. (not far) only about a third of a mile to the market.  I was starving! I can’t read Greek, but I did find that  “Gluten-free” is on labels in English.  🙂

My rebellious spirit always argues with myself, do others like me constantly argue with yourself on what you can and cannot or should or shouldn’t do?  It’s frustrating and often makes me doubt the pain, if its that bad or if I’m just, frankly, having anxiety about new places.  I constantly push myself out of my comfort zone and I know that this is just one of those times too.  This time, however, I’ve decided to share my thoughts and insecurities with you, my readers, who also may have similar experiences as me when traveling solo with chronic illnesses.  If you are like me, see, you’re not alone.

© 2017 Netdancer Photography – Candace L Stauber



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  1. We both argue in our own thoughts about what we should or not do, scenario making in our heads. Sometimes we seem to be muttering to ourselves in a fit of insanity but it is really our inner self working things out. So you are not alone!


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