Which Way to the Acropolis?

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge


My first view of Athens in the daylight from my apartment.  Now which way do I need to go to visit the Acropolis?  I did go exploring today to familiarize myself with the neighborhood, discovered an outdoor market and a nice little bistro to have lunch.  I only walked a mile.  Not much compared to what I normally do when I travel, however, my fibromyalgia must be getting worse.  I discovered that my legs and muscle are complaining and I am much weaker.  I wonder if I am going into a flare. The signals are here, so this vacation may not get as much action as those in the past.  But, I am here! and I will go slowly to see what I can.  It is disappointing that my body is fighting me so much this time and frankly depressing.

I am flexible and I am strong, and I will figure this out. I am a woman that doesn’t take defeat easily, so stay tuned for some more pics of my adventure and how I cope with these miserable chronic illnesses of celiac and fibromyalgia.

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