Flower of the Day – March 26, 2017


Flower of the Day – March 26, 2017

© 2017 Netdancer Photography – Candace L Stauber


      1. nooo…maybe while I’m on vacation, but don’t want my flight delayed one minute. Greece here I come, can’t wait. LOL
        Since you’re so close, we local bloggers should meet for coffee sometime. I go down your way frequently.

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  1. I would love to meet for coffee sometime. Maybe when you are back from Greece?! I hope you will have a wonderful time. I have never been there, but have always wanted to go. I look forward to seeing your photos! Safe travels. Tanja

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  2. WOW! I have learn at least little about colors and flowers, i am colors blind, and sometimes i cant differentiate a dark pink and maroon, little did i know the are millions of colors out there, though a good percentage can only be detected by computer.


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