Thursday Doors – March 2, 2017

Thursday Doors – March 2, 2017


The doors to the Stanley Hotel Concert Hall.  In this concert hall, it is rumored to have at least 3 ghosts in residence. When I visited here, I did experience something out of the extraordinary.  It is truly a unique experience.  If you ever get the chance, you must visit.

To borrow from the Stanley Hotel Website:

The Concert Hall also is a hot spot of paranormal activity. Paul worked at The Stanley from 1995-2005 and died of a heart attack while en route from the hotel to the hospital after suffering chest pains. Known as a jack-of –all-trades, one of Paul’s responsibilities was to enforce the hotel’s 11 p.m. curfew. It’s not uncommon to hear a faint and ominous “get out” in the after hours, though it’s unclear if he’d be so bold as to shush hotel founder Flora Stanley, who can often be heard playing the piano, some seven decades after her demise. A construction worker sanding the floor just a few years ago believes Paul was brazen enough to physically nudge him to the door after feeling two arms pull him back. Paul is also known to flicker the flashlights of touring groups.

Lucy also wanders the Concert Hall, tampering with lights and lifting spirits. She’s been known to actively communicate with and answer questions from staff and parapsychologists via flashlights, but her story and pre-death connection to The Stanley remain unclear. It is surmised she was a runaway or homeless woman who found refuge there. Whatever her history, employees insist Lucy’s presence and distant melodious humming lightens the energy and mood wherever she lingers.

The same cannot be said for Eddie, who initially presented himself with a foul odor, earning him the nickname “Stinky Man.” Apparently offended by the moniker, Eddie switched tactics and began exuding a more pleasant smell. His presence, however, seems to cause discomfort, possibly due to a life of hardship, according to visiting psychics and mediums. He has since lightened up, but remains the resident prankster and apparently a ladies’ man, often suspected of stroking the hair and kissing their cheeks of female guests. Eddie began visiting The Stanley just a few years ago and has no known connection to the property. It is wondered if Lucy and Eddie are simply a new demographic of guests, and raises the question of travel in the afterlife.



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