Daily Prompt: Recognize


Recognize this word?  Taxes?  Hey,  where are yours, DT?  If you don’t have to pay them, do we?

Yes, I’m getting all my information together to dutifully pay my taxes.  I usually get them done before February 1st, but for some reason, some institutions haven’t sent me the paperwork yet or released the info online.  It is really hampering getting it done.  No, I won’t have to pay this year, but the refund really is a nice little bonus for me to plan my annual vacation.  Yes, I know there are ways I could have, should have changed my tax cuts differently, but this has worked out just fine for me and I like it.  Well, back to the grindstone and the calculator.

Have fun doing yours,  I’m on a wait until the rest critical information gets published.  Darn!  I wanna plan my trip to Greece!

Daily Prompt: Recognize


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