Nurturing Thurs – Preparation

Inaugural Protest 2017-2 -Denver, Colorado

Nurturing Thurs – Preparation

Tonight, I admit I sit here apprehensive about the future. This is not a good state of mind for a person with a predisposition to depression, a person with fibromyalgia that is easily affected by stress, it can put me into a flare of monumental proportions.  Since I started this blog I promised my readers that have followed my journey into the darkness that I would keep them apprised of my journey.

This is the day before a bigot, a man who has exhibited behavior to women that I have personally experienced, a man that doesn’t seem to even be literate enough to write a complete sentence, let alone intelligent enough to run a country becomes our nation’s leader.  This is a worrisome time not just for me, but for our country.  I believe he is an embarrassment to our country because he is not what our country represents, he does not believe in the same values of integrity, ethics, and honesty that the majority of our country believes.

So, tonight I sit in preparation not just for a  darker future than I have experienced because of illness, but because of an incompetent man put in place by those who have been misled by fear and hate.  Tonight, I also prepare to march in my first protest march tomorrow on my state’s capitol to voice my rejection of this person whom I believe did not gain this position legally or ethically.  Tonight, I prepare for another march on Saturday, the Women’s March for women’s rights – not just women’s rights but for human rights, healthcare rights, gay rights, justice, and equality. I may only be one voice, but I will be one voice united with many.  Am I scared? Frankly, yes., but this won’t stop me.  I feel this issue is too important to stay silent.  Am I going to suffer for this physically?  Probably.  But again, this issue is too important to stay home.  I will not be a sheep and be led blindly into what seems to be a grim future if we do not act.

So tonight, I am in preparation. Mental preparation, gathering my courage and trying to quiet the butterflies in my stomach.

© 2017 Candace L Stauber Photography

Update: Peaceful Protest March photos from this morning’s march.  I overcame my fear and found it wasn’t so bad.

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ You must do the thing you think you cannot do.

~Eleanor Roosevelt




  1. I believe it is important to look at the positive, and believe that all will unfold as it should.
    Take care of yourself as you stand for what you believe. I appreciate you wanting to share with Nurturing Thursday!

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    1. I feel that many have had that outlook, that it will unfold as it should and perhaps that is what is one of the causes of the issue at hand. Too much waiting and apathy and not enough action. It’s time we take part in our future not stand back and let it happen to us. Thanks


      1. When I make that statement, it is not one of apathy or defeat. It’s the realization and acknowledgement, there is a much bigger picture in the works; much larger than we can see. I feel for me, it is important to do my part, but not be consumed in the drama, especially the heaviness of negativity and fear. Take time to rest as you go into this weekend. I hope it doesn’t take a huge toll on you physically.

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      2. Maybe not apathy or defeat for you personally, but i do think for too many in the past. Those who have left the fate of the country and their future in the hands of others without active participation in what determines the results and then complain when its not what they want. The only way to succeed in life is active participation no matter the cost. I will pace myself, i will find ways to participate and contribute that are not physically demanding as well. But I will not stand by and let it happen to me.


  2. if there wasnt a mantra about how horrible this guy is before he even has a foot in the door, maybe people wouldnt be so depressed.

    i literally said before any of us thought he had a chance of actually getting elected– this guy could be a nightmare. i didnt enumerate all his faults, or everything that could go wrong. i cant blame people for wanting to.

    i have watched the media never miss one opportunity to latch onto anything he does– any tic whatsoever– and turn it into portents of the 4th reich. its like watching cartoons, or rather shadow puppets. oh, that one is a bunny rabbit, that ones a butterfly– thats obviously hitler…

    if nothing else (and only so people dont have to breathe into a paper bag throughout the first week) lets address that literacy thing. the man is a LOT smarter than bush jr. for one, he actually isnt a failed businessman– jr was. wanna kill a business? give it to jr.

    people want trump to be illiterate, but he isnt. not all of his ideas are horrible, certainly compared to the wall hillary voted for in 2006. and they have lots more in common than the wall– her comments about mexicans when was senator– oh, boy.

    again, i didnt vote for trump– too fascist. i hate fascism. i also hate propaganda, which is what ive watched get spun about this guy constantly since he started running. some of it is true– a lot more of it is half true. if people are hysterical, its because theyre setting themselves up.

    do you know who you would be if you gave every new president the worst-case-scenario treatment like this? *you would be me.* but even i think people are having trouble telilng the worst case scenario from the man standing in front of them. theres a LOT more to this guys history or his makeup than whats being said. and whether he destroys the country or his cabinet does– we arent doing anyone any favors by fooling ourselves.

    id get over the orange thing, too. you wanna talk about a fake tan and fake hair, fine whatever. there are plenty of good people with fake hair, its meaningless. but while constantly referring to the fact that a man looks “orange” to you isnt technically racist, im telling you– the more people say it, the more i swear they wish it was a race. i dont understand how a man being orange is any more relevant than any other skin-color, even if it is fake.

    he doesnt look orange to me; it just sounds like bs. wanna criticize the president? great! im 100% for it. its way better if people stick to facts– not drumming each other with media soundbites and cheap jabs, then complaining that the noise is giving them a headache. its living out rhetoric– as if rhetoric and reality were the same thing. facts will be much more damning, im sure– you simply dont get to be president by being the best person in the world; not in many years.

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    1. mmm.. none of the physical descriptions of the man ever bothered me. this is political mockery at its finest. However, I have experienced men like him. I know the tactics and manipulative strategy he uses. My problem is not political, but an ethical and moral problem with the man, I could care less about propaganda, politics, or even about popular opinion about him.


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