The Weekly Smile

The Weekly Smile

I finally found gluten-free macarons like I had in Paris. These three are chocolate mint, rose, and lavender. I relished every bite.

If I was industrious enough I would try to make them with this recipe.




  1. macaroons and macarons come from the same word and are basically the same thing, as far as names go. you usually see it worded as “french macarons” or “french macaroons” although the former is redundant. the etymology is from the words for “paste” and “crush.”

    i like both– the better-known coconut variety and the increasingly common flat “french” kind, and youll be glad to know the french ones (which are a completely different experience) are only going to get easier to find. i can walk to probably 3 different places that have them, and if i go another town or two over i can find more.

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      1. interesting. ive generally found both to be gluten-free, but if youre celiac then for some the environment theyre prepared in matters as much as the recipe.

        i invariably regret eating wheat, so for me gluten-free is a (fairly) reliably shorthand for “no wheat.” but the gluten isnt the part that gets me. only celiac sufferers are actually allergic to gluten. that said, i think a much larger portion of the population would benefit from cutting out wheat– whether its the gluten, the specific variety of wheat itself, or the pesticides used on it that bothers them.

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      2. too bad about tapioca flour 😦 its my favorite alternative. rice seems to work well. i dont eat most gluten-free products because theyre far too crunchy. its never the flavor thats the issue.

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