The Mythological Rowan Tree


The Mythological Rowan Tree

When I finally visited the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh Scotland, I found this Rowan tree, the Tree of Life.  It reminded me of all the books I’ve read that always included it in their pages.  The mythology of the Rowan tree dates back to Greek times and the battle between the eagles and demons.  The leaves of the Rowan tree is supposed to take the shape of the eagle’s feathers and the red berries, droplets of blood.

According to Norse mythology, the Rowan tree is responsible for creating the first woman.  And of course, in other mythologies, the Rowan tree is protection against witchcraft and enchantment.  There are many other myths and interesting facts about the Rowan tree, how you are protected where it is grown.  How it’s red berries influence the protection.

You can find more information about the mythology of the rowan tree here.



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