Discover Challenge – Transcript

Discover Challenge – Transcript

wp-1484626423836.jpgFortunately,  I have on hand many transcripts from my ancestors. Some date back to the beginning of the founding of the United States when the Moravians came to settle the first colonies in the Virginia region.   But the transcript I chose for this challenge today is a recipe from my great-grandmother. Liberty and freedom have been on my mind a lot in the last few months and evidently, it was in her time too.  This is a recipe called “Liberty Pickles”.  My grandmother collected her recipe in an old farm ledger as it was the only thing she had to write in at the time.  Her collection in this ledger were bits and pieces of her daily living; newspaper clipping, handmade cards from her children, check receipts, bills, and more recipes.  An eclectic collection to be sure.

Needless to say, when I transcribed this, although she started out saying what ingredients you needed, she doesn’t tell you everything.  You need to read the whole recipe, if you can read her writing, to get the whole story.  It’s a long process for these pickles.  I think the liberty comes when you are finally done!  Unfortunately, she taped the recipe down in the book, and at the bottom of the page, it says “over” and I don’t want to destroy the page to get there.

“Liberty Pickles”

2 gal cucumbers

1 pt salt

1 gal boiling water

Leave this on cucumbers 8 days. On the 9th day take them out of the salt water & put them in fresh boiling water. On the 10th day take them out & split everyone little and big. Then put them in one gal of boiling water to which has have added 1 tablespoon of alum. On the 11th day take pickles out of Alum water add 2 qts of vinegar, 8 cups of sugar, 2 tsp. celery seeds, 5 C worth of stick cinnamon bark. A little horseradish. Heat this to boiling point and pour over pickles and let stand one day.


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