Candy’s Remarkable Life

So far…

I thought I’d post this about myself so that you see that I’ve traveled the path well taken. I’ve had an interesting journey, to say the least. And now it’s time for this adventure to take a new turn.
cls-_20161124-2-300I’m nearing my retirement from the corporate world, anyway. I’ll be 70 soon. But I cannot imagine that I am anywhere near done with what I need to accomplish in this lifetime. That is why I’m transitioning from web design and graphic design to exploration and inspiration.

Just to give you a little background on me.  When I was a little girl, I saw a movie, “Auntie Mame”.  The lead character in that movie so profoundly influenced me, I decided right then and there that is how I wanted to live my life.  I have strived throughout my life to live with passion.  The main take away from that movie was, “Life is a feast and most poor fools are starving!”  I did not want to starve and I did not just want to merely exist.

Growing up I wanted to be an astronaut, I know that’s a pretty high goal for a little girl in the 1950’s, but I tried to succeed in everything I did.  I dreamed high, I played the role.  I had no idea how to accomplish this feat, but I went to college and got my degree in chemistry.  However, while in college, I got married.  That changed priorities, but it did not squelch my desires to reach the stars or at least get close.  I also got my degree in Education, maybe I could influence the younger generation to get there.

I later found out teaching High School was not really my cup of tea and life threw a few curves in my direction. Divorce and single motherhood.  I was unemployed, broke, and raising two little girls.  I worked all kinds of jobs to get by.  I taught dance, I was a radio DJ, news announcer, reporter, receptionist, I sold fine jewelry, I even got my CDL and drove tractor-trailer and hauled gravel and grain.  However, living with passion was still on the forefront of my mind.  You cannot give up when given these challenges, you learn to appreciate the now, you learn to be happy with what you have, even if it’s very little.  You learn to be strong.

sts-62-patch-smHowever, you really aren’t given more than you can handle.  Once I got to that point, I said, okay, enough is enough. I’m ready to accept what YOU have to offer and guess what.  I didn’t go into space, but the next best thing.  I got a job working for Aerospace and strategic defense.  I did research on solid rocket propellant and helped launch twenty-four space shuttles into space.   I also helped launch the Magellan into space.  I LOVE seeing the photos resulting from that launch.  I may not have gone, but I got really close, and I’m perfectly happy with that part of my life.

Again, however, life took another turn and brought me to Colorado.  They had never heard of a woman chemist out here.  I did manage to get a chemist job and do research working on emergency escape systems for Aerospace and for all the airbags, but something was missing.  The passion was waning. I was writing more, but not what I wanted.  In 1995 I was seeing a new technology come on the scene- the internet. I was intimidated by the technology, to tell the truth, but I faced it head on.  I stayed up nights, “playing” on the internet. But creating at the same time, I could see the future. It was like I was having visions, I knew where this technology was going and the fire came back.  I was possessed! I created websites for small business, for non-profits for free and then got laid off from my job.  They offered me another position, but I knew that I wouldn’t be happy, I had to pursue this vision. And am I happy I did! Just as before like magic, I accepted every little job I could to make ends meet.  Then one day out of the blue, I got an “offer I couldn’t  refuse“. Actually creating websites for a credible company. This quest, this adventure has brought me so far in my life. I have gained so much.  Not only did taking this risk on the future bring me a wealth I had never dreamed of, a security I relish in, a home I love, but that adventure, YES.  That passion in living, that feast to be enjoyed in life! I have raised two beautiful, productive, happy daughters.  I have traveled the world.  I have met and enjoyed the cultures of so many places and people.

My adventure is not over, just because I’m transitioning once more. I’m excited to see what Life has to offer me this time.  It has only gotten better.  You only need to accept with an open heart, mind and arms. I’m expecting the stars!

From making web dreams a reality to make DREAMS a reality, lifetime dreams. I’ve accomplished practically everything I’ve set out to do. I’ve overcome many obstacles. Maybe I can help you do the same.

Maybe you can inspire me on this retirement adventure of mine. Let’s explore together.

~ Candy


  1. Your life story is all too familiar. My astronaut future turned into a long and independent data processing career after I got my degree in astrophysics. I am now retired and writing science fiction, where I can go to space as often as I please.

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  2. Hi,
    You and I have similarities. I tried to teach high school English but did not enjoy it. I also loved the movie auntie Mame. I love musicals. One of my emails is called Broadway musical fan. I love many of the songs from the movie like we need a little Christmas.
    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s featured blogger. I was his featured blogger too.
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about. For example, I write about free tools and tips that can help bloggers. Nice to meet you. I so respect the achievements you blogged about in your life. My middle daughter enjoys science. Because of her, I know it is not easy.

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    1. Thanks, I’ll check your site out. I have taught web design to adults and companies. But sometimes when it comes to my own stuff its like the car mechanics car. The last one to get fixed, because we’re so busy on everyone elses. But i have learned a lot since I have started blogging, just need to find time after working on the computer all day.

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