First Kiss

First Kiss

Do you remember?

That first kiss

That innocent first kiss,

the need to escape the parents,

The need to escape the war.

We came together like fireworks in the front seat of your Corvair one night?

We knew we would part, never to see each other again.

Remember that first kiss?

The need to conquer the innocent girl?

Remember the need and naiveté to believe he cared?

It led to marriage and bitter divorce.

Remember that first kiss of freedom?

The excitement of it all, of the newness, the awkwardness of re-learning all over again?

Remember the first kiss of actual arousal of your new-found sexuality?

The adrenalin rush you had from lips to toes?

Remember the first kiss from the sweet child greeting you with his sweet, sticky mouth?

But you cherish that memory most of all.

Remember all those first kisses?

But what I really want is your first kiss,

I want it to be the last of my first kisses to last me a lifetime.


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