One Word Photo Challenge: Dragon

platinumdragon150Oh!  What a word for me, the Platinum Dragon.  Yes, I am the platinum dragon.  About ten years ago I had a remarkable dream about a dragon pursuing me. It was such a strong dream that I knew that it was significant to my life and had meaning.  I woke from that dream in the middle of the night and wrote the dream in my diary.  I have had that dream influencing my life ever since.  It has made me stronger and more confident. I knew that I would eventually write a story about this dream, but there were some symbols I had yet to interpret.

This year I have published chapter by chapter this dream in my Platinum Dragon Blog, but recently have begun to realize there is more to the meaning, there is more to the evolution of the dragon.  Not only does it mean strength and confidence, but a fierceness of spirit. I need to become more fierce in my beliefs. I’m still working on that and perhaps there is more to my dream of the dragon that needs to be expounded upon.  I am considering all the possibilities for the Platinum Dragon, both personally and as a book.  I am anxious to see where this all takes me in the future.

One Word Photo Challenge: Dragon

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