How Precious is Time to You?

My entry for today’s -Just Jot It Jan 2 – Time

Netdancer's Musings

Do you spend it wisely on those you love, including yourself or do you measure it out it in meager doses? Do you squander time on meaningless things and find you don’t have enough time leftover to do what needs to get done or enjoy the quiet times?

I have often wondered how many people realize the value of time. How important time is when it is truly spent and devoted to life. How many of us have not given our undivided attention and time to those we love only to later regret it when it’s too late? How many of us would like to have our loved ones give us this time so that we can just luxuriate in their presence  and the love between us?  Time moves so swiftly that before you know it our babies are grown into adulthood. And if we did not take the time…

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