Daily Prompt-Year

20170101_123758-800New Year’s Day- 2017

I think this picture represents best what impacted my year the most.  Although I make my living on a computer being a software developer and SharePoint administrator, deciding to take the step to blog and publish my photography online was the most significant thing I’ve done this year.  It is a step towards my retirement career and in establishing the path I want to take for my future. Instead of me randomly taking photographs and writing in a journal, this year has given me direction and purpose.  I can say that I have improved in both. I used to think the platinum dragon dream was solely about me becoming an independent woman, but this past year has also shown to me that the dragon has more purpose and is more fierce than I ever imagined.   2016 was a year of personal growth, unexpected growth at my age, welcome growth and I plan to approach 2017 with more focus and determination.


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