Shimmering Sunrise over Kyleakin


As the sun rises over the harbor in the Village of Kyleakin on the Isle of Skye you see the ruins of the Castle  Moil,  a ruined fortress built in the late 15th century. Legend states that there were much older fortifications on the site and that it was originally built for a Norwegian princess known as “Saucy Mary” who would charge a toll to any boat using the narrow channel by hanging a chain from the castle to the mainland to prevent unpaid crossings.
Now I got these facts from Wikipedia, but from the locals at Saucy Mary’s bar, I also heard that the reason they called her “Saucy Mary”  is because she also had a habit of “flashing” the oncoming boats as they entered the narrow channel.
  • Village of Kyleakin
  • Isle Of Skye
  • Photography by Candace L Stauber

Travel Theme Challenge: Shimmer


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