Daily Word Prompt- Abide

I have always been an easy-going person.  I believe that how people live their lives is their business, their morals, and their behavior will determine the outcome of their life. You might say I believe in Karma. I grew up respecting others, respecting other religions, beliefs,and way of living. I grew up believing in the “Golden Rule” and tried every day to live it. Granted there were those days it was difficult, there were those that tried me to the nth degree and I had to turn and walk away. But I did walk away.

What I cannot abide by is dishonesty, outright lies, cruelty, prejudice, and closed minds.  People who lie to me, not only lie to me but to themselves to think that I believe them, they think that I am stupid enough not to know that they are trying to deceive me and the rest of the public with such outrageous lies that we will blindly follow like sheep.  I cannot abide by is the abuse of power, abuse of women, abuse of others in general, it literally makes me ill. I’ve had so much to ponder about these last few months. Being the quiet, introvert that I am, I seldom voice my opinion or protest in public about the injustices I see in the world.  I know I should do more, but until now I didn’t see the threat that I see today. I was blind to what was happening in my world.

Now I have to find my courage and act.  Act and find my voice and get off the fence .  If you are like me and cannot tolerate the injustices of this world, cannot abide the lies, cannot abide the prejudices, then you too must find your voice and join me.



  1. I am in agreement. I too, am doing a daily word prompt. It is the one thing I feel I can do to fight the distress in the world around me. Thank you for the follow at
    1sojournal. I’ll be checking back in,


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  2. I don’t think we dare stay quiet. I fear any voice of opposition might soon be suppressed. I graduated with two majors, one of them in English with a writing concentration. And eventually taught at the University from which I graduated. But, if I’m honest, the best learning experience is just to keep writing. We learn as we go. I certainly don’t think of my self as the best, far from it. LOL,


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    1. I was a news reporter for a radio station when I was younger and now I believe is the time for me to resurrect those long lost skills. Technical writing and manual writing took the place of reporting. Now we must speak out while we can. We cannot stay silent.

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  3. And I am more poet than anything else. I do some prose. As a matter of fact, 1sojournal is basically my prose blog. There is a great deal about the writing experience on it, as I started it to share some of what I learned while teaching. My main blog, however is located here:
    and it is a poetry blog. I started blogging in 2008, but didn’t find the poetry prompt circuit until 2009. I find it easier to express what I truly feel in poetic form. And it has really helped me get through these past weeks. I write to stay healthy. And always encourage others to do the same.


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