Motivation Monday – Patience


Is it coincidence or synchronicity that as soon as I finish an article about the 5 ways to win my heart and the last item on my list is acceptance, I was thinking patience was included in that trait.

Patience,  as we all know can be difficult at times.  We are in a world with microwaves, communication that is possible within the blink of an eye, and entertainment at our fingertips at a moments notice.  We have come to almost expect instant gratification and when it doesn’t happen we grow irritable.  Patience doesn’t even come into the picture, but instead anger and frustration.

This is when we need to take a deep breath and remember that the world does not revolve around us, but the earth revolves around the sun and takes its time.  Nature takes its time.  All things happen in their own time , not necessarily in the time we demand.   

Here is where patience and acceptance of this time element must come into your life. Remember that if what you desire is not happening when you want it to, that perhaps it is not the proper time or perhaps not all circumstances for the success of your goal have been met yet. It’s time to evaluate your priorities and what is really important in your life.  Have you overlooked or neglected something or someone who needs to be addressed before moving forward?  Do you need to learn or acquire more skills? Patience and mindfulness about your life is always a worthwhile endeavor, although it may be frustrating, the results of patience will always be rewarding.


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