Hunter Beneath the Tree

Hearing the screeches from my front yard I search the skies looking for the source. I don’t find anything.  I’ve seen the hawks before, they nested in the tree last year and when their  young start flying around I used to think that there were young kittens “meowing” in my yard and would frantically search for that noise.

But this day the screeches were loud and frantic – and continuous.  Eventually, I spy the culprit.  Camouflaged next to the tree trunk is the same hawk.  I don’t dare get close to see what is going on.  It’s hopping up and down, Screeching away, its partner flying back and forth amongst the branches overhead.  I quickly grab the closest camera at hand, my phone.

T know the picture isn’t that good, but I didn’t get a photo of this hawk last year, they return to their same nesting place every year. To tell the truth, not until I got this photo ready to post in this article did I see what the hawk had captured – a baby squirrel to feed its young.



Tuesday Photo Challenge – Trunk

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