Day 6: List Five Ways To Win Your Heart

Winning my heart I don’t believe is that difficult.  Keeping it,  on the other hand, has proven to be problematic.  I’ve had two husbands and been engaged a few times, of course, I’ve lived long enough to have these experiences.  But to tell the truth, I would rather have someone win my heart with the intention of keeping it and keeping me above all others just one final time, than doing this dating thing.

  1. Be sincere, honest and authentic
  2. Love adventure and travel as much as me
  3. Love me, Love my dog.  Never a truer statement
  4. Make me laugh, laughter for me is truly the best medicine.
  5. Acceptance – Accept me for all of me, not just looks, personality, but flaws and mistakes.  Be tolerant and patient.



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