Another 52 Week Challenge – Week 18-Freedom

Asked what freedom means to me, besides living in a country known to enable me the freedom to be me, to speak my mind, and to write what I feel.

Freedom to be me,  includes the freedom to either stay at home all snuggled up in front of my fireplace and computer. Or…


the tools for this freedom being by air…

(this photo borrowed from a dear friend of mine, Hugo Gonzalez)


and by my little Mazda Miata , that I have named Kitt, after Knightrider.  Why?  Because, Little Kitt talks to me with her Bluetooth capability.




    1. I thought it was a fantasic sky. My friend, Hugo took this picture on his way back home to Mexico City. He is looking for full time work under his work visa here in the states because he does appreciate the freedom we have. So it was an appropriate sky, i thought in many ways.

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