Cinderella Living in Paris

Paris, France

This year I tried out Airbnb instead of doing my regular Bed and Breakfast.  Yes, it was much less expensive.  Bed and Breakfast lodgings are less expensive internationally than here in the US and I love them.  But I wanted to try Airbnb, I had heard a lot of good things about the service.  I rented a private apartment in the center of Paris, right across from Notre Dame and a few blocks from the Louvre, in the St. Denis district,

It was small, it was five flights up and no elevator.  I did get a lot of exercise.  The winding staircase was very narrow and the doorways very short.  I had to duck to get into my apartment.  It was on the top floor facing the street.  I now know what Cinderella’s garret was like.  That is how tiny my apartment was.  However, it was sufficient for me, afterall, I did only sleep there.


CWW: Up and Down


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