The Perilous State of Hearts


– such a  mysterious and complex emotion. Sometimes you feel that immediate rush of adrenalin and you know, you just know that it’s love at first sight. Sometimes it may be just lust and then dissolves into regret or heartbreak.

However, at times we start to know someone, we enjoy each other’s company, we spend time together, we actually start to like someone for who they are; we become friends. As friends,  we learn about each other’s foibles, weaknesses, strengths, likes, dislikes, and emotional state.

When does that love of a friend transition to the love of lovers?  How does it make the change? Do you dare risk the friendship? Will it ever work or be the same?  Will it last if you take that momentous step of the heart? And if it doesn’t work, will you lose that dear friend?

In this liminal space between ourselves and our best friend,  lies the space that creates questions for us to ponder about these possibilities and the results of our heart’s desire.



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