Travel-That which truly satisfies my soul

Today’s prompt: Sated


  1. wanderlust, a desire to travel, a longing for far-off places

I believe in my heart there is one thing that truly satisfies my soul and spirit and that is seeing things with my gypsy eyes. Seeing my suitcase, packed and sitting by the front door, excites me to the core.  Taking day trips in my little black convertible thrills me to think that I’m going somewhere with photo potential. Traveling to places I’ve never been, visiting countries and new cultures, living with the locals not as a tourist but with them and learning their culture and cities may sometimes give me anxiety, but more often I find peace in the experience and immense satisfaction in the adventure.

It’s not just an adventure of the spirit but I believe traveling widens your perspective of the world and makes for a more tolerant person, because how can you understand others if you’ve never seen, lived, experienced or been there.

Word Press Daily prompt: Sated


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