Daily Prompt- Chaotic


Traveling always seems to be chaotic to me, I’m basically an organized, plan ahead person. I like to be prepared, have things in order and be on time. I know the real world and I often don’t agree, especially when it comes to travel.  Not only do I have to deal with all the crowds at the airport, the lines for TSA, the unprepared individuals who seem to irritate me (only because I’m on edge, I know it’s not their fault). Then there are the weather conditions, especially here in Denver that can influence the flights, the roads and even cancel my plans. I have to be flexible.  But I am the one who packs days ahead of time, has my itinerary printed out to the hour, never misses a timeframe and my nerves on travel day are on edge; and then it comes down to waiting. Waiting for the plane to arrive for me to take off on my next adventure.

Chaotic, yes. Worth it?  Most definitely!

Daily Prompt- Chaotic

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